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Investment Policies

STO Investment Policy LGIP Investment Policy

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2014 Annual Report 2013

Audit Reports

Audit Report 2015 Audit Report 2014 Audit Report 2013

Bank Deposit Collateralization Requirements

Bank Collateral Requirements December 2016

Financial Reports

Financial Reports 2015 Financial Reports 2014 Financial Reports 2013

State Treasurer’s Investment Committee (STIC) Documents

The STIC Binders from 2012 up to the present are available on this page.

Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) Participant Forms

Account Close Application Certification of Authorized Persons
Internal Transfer Request Form Resolution Sample Transaction Request Form
Update Account Information Participant Manual 6-24-2015 LGIP GASB-40, June 30, 2016

Historical Daily Rates

Click here for historical rates: Updated daily, except holidays and weekends.

NMSTO Collateral Presentation at NMAC

Click here to view the .pdf

2017 Broker Dealer List

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