Our principal functions are to serve as the State's banker and to invest the State's short-term funds to provide maximum yield within the context of safety and liquidity. This website is intended to provide a comprehensive display of our policies, process, and performance. We encourage your suggestions as to how this site can serve your needs better.

James B. Lewis

New Mexico State Treasurer James B. Lewis
DAILY RATES:   JULY 29, 2014
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0.015 %
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0.015 %
0.035 %
0.056 %
0.056 %
0.073 %
0.124 %
0.539 %
0.07 %
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182 Day US Treasury Bill
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0.11 %
0.16 %
0.148 %
0.198 %
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Indicative rates only. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.  Your actual return is dependent on the amount and time that you are invested in the NewMexigrow LGIP.  This does not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities. Participation is subject to qualification requirements.